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We offer a free opportunity to discuss your case with a lawyer versed in defence and specifically Theft Under $5000 and shoplifting charges. As defence lawyers, we understand that sometimes people make mistakes, things go wrong, or are just not guilty of what’s been alleged.

Speak to a lawyer today, and let us explain how we can appear in court for you, work with the Crown Attorney and get your charges dropped.

Why Ontario Shoplifting Lawyers?

You don’t have to put your future at risk or spend huge amounts of money on legal fees to defend yourself against a theft or shoplifting charge. With our services, we provide highly effective and affordable legal representation from $995.00.

Our lawyers protect you from the stigma and far-reaching consequences of a criminal record. Here are some of the benefits of working with our team:

  • We appear for you: Our criminal lawyers appear in court and work with the Crown Attorney on your behalf.  You do not have to attend or speak, we’ll do everything for you, while keeping you updated along the way.  Access to skilled criminal lawyers who skilled in handling all forms of theft related offences.
  • Protecting your rights: With our lawyers speaking for you, your rights are defended.  We have a strong commitment to upholding your legal rights and protecting your best interests throughout the legal process.
  • Defence strategies: Having appeared in court hundreds of times for theft under and shoplifting offences, we know how to appropriate defences and strategies to win your case that take into account your circumstances and the specifics of your case.
  • Proactive and strategic legal guidance: Where there for you, we’ll keep you informed and provide guidance at every step of the legal process.
  • Criminal Records: Our lawyers are focused on avoiding a criminal records to protect your livelihood, employment, and future prospects.

Where your facing shoplifting or theft charges, call and lets have a discussion and let us explain how we can get your charges dropped without you having to appear in court.

We have the expertise and experience for an effective defence on your behalf. Don’t leave your future to chance – contact us today!

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